“I’ve always had a strong sense of country and being patriotic, from my early childhood military family life. I don't always agree with policy decisions, but I have always believed the flag is to be respected, and being of service to my community is just part of who I am” -
Barbara Cady

Barbara Caddy Puts People First: New Initiatives to Improve Our Quality of Life

Barbara Caddy is taking new steps to be of service to our community. She strongly believes that Florida should be the place our children want to stay. A place with a rising economy, expanding business opportunities, high-level education, a healthy environment, and developed infrastructure. Her new initiatives aim to improve the quality of life of our community residents.

Veterans and Seniors Support Program

Being patriotic and growing up in a military family, Barbara respects seniors and veterans and tries her best to give them the support they need. Barbara Caddy believes that we must focus on providing older people with accessible and high-quality health care and create a financial assistance program in case of any emergency needs.

Fair Pay

Barbara stands for equality and is opposed to wage discrimination. She strongly believes that all people must be paid equally for equivalent jobs. The only criteria that can affect the wage level are the professional qualities of employees and not their sex, orientation, or nationality. Barbara also advocates the creation of new jobs with livable wages. This can be achieved by providing high-quality education and assistance in creating a new business.

Supporting Services for Students

Barbara believes that talented and hard-working youth need to be motivated and encouraged. Barbara Caddy considers it necessary to create services and programs to provide opportunities for academic development, assist students with basic college requirements, and serve to motivate them to complete secondary education and get higher education successfully.

Improving the Financial Literacy

As financial literacy is the key to financial stability and freedom, Barbara stands for creating educational programs in partnership with Florida financial institutions. That will help people learn how to manage finances, increase their income, and solve their financial problems.

Financial Support Available to Everyone

Barbara Caddy knows the needs that our residents face and try to be of service in covering them. As urgent money needs can arise at any time regardless of your plans, she stands for providing new services with fast, convenient, fair, and available financial support. Barbara thinks it's important to provide people with various loan options, whether it is a $200 loan instant approval or an installment cash advance with a higher amount. A variety of financial products will help people with any income and credit type get assistance in case of emergencies.

Paid for and approved by Barbara Cady, Democrat for FL House District 42